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We provide currency exchange services through Smart Online System with fair and certainty rates

JOIN NOW and get our fair and certainty rates. You can also book exchange online

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Our MEMBER can login and check all available currency stock and make online transaction.

If the currency you need is not available, you can book online and we will provide in one day after,.

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Smartdeal position itself as your partner in currency exchange services and remittance, respecting each other as equal in the business and building mutual relationship.

Smartdeal reach out to  bring our services closer  to our valued customers , building branches in different regions of Indonesia.

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SMARTDEAL collaborate with PPATK to held an Anti Money Laundering Training

Currency exchange is a simple business of trading one currency to another but there’s a lot more to it. The business have to comply with rules and regulation . In regard of this basic needs of knowledge regarding these rules and regulation, Smartdeal collaborate with PPATK (Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and ...Read More !

What You Need to Know About Foreign Exchange and Anti-Money Laundering

The foreign exchange market (also known as the currency market) is a complex and decentralized market where currencies are traded across the globe. This market also determines the relative values of different currencies. There are no clearing houses in foreign exchange; it is an over the counter market where brokers negotia ...Read More !